How to keep people from falling, but what constitutes faithfulness?

The Missus and I travel this afternoon to speak at a regional event upstate, about 3-4 hours from us. I’ll speak tomorrow to men of the region. The Missus will speak to the women of the congregation hosting the event.

The theme of the event is about how to prevent people from falling away. Since our Lord is the shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep to go after the single stray, this is a good topic. And needed. Not a few leave the truth.

We have no numbers. Estimates come from anecdotal evidence. Percentages must vary from place to place, because of differences in each congregation’s work. But it is good to think on such a subject.

I’ve been asked to speak on 1 Cor 15.58. Paul doesn’t think that any saint is a pew sitter. We’re all workers. To stop work is to give up the faith.

With that thought, how many are still coming on Sundays to do nothing more than warm a bench, but have left the Lord?

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