What is life like pre-Christmas. Hectic!…

What is life like pre-Christmas. Hectic! I work in a retail environment 3.5 days a week. For 2 months it’s get out the last few years inventory, unpack and display it. Order and added to the present stock. Try your best to sell it, hoping you do. What is not sold is then packed up and stored for the next year. A lot of work for a few $$$$’s.

We do not celebrate Christmas in a religious way. It is a Holiday celebrated with friends and family. We do give gifts, but the last two years we have chosen to give our children and grandchildren gift cards. No hectic shopping wrapping and shipping. Two of our children will be with us on Christmas Day, with a meal of good ole Texas brisket and the trimings, with pumpkin and pecan pie for desert.

I hope that each and everyone of you have a happy and peaceful Holiday. Merry Christmas.

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