What is our excuse

Years ago we talked with Frances Davidson (Mrs. Jerry) Saturday and she told of a man in Guyana who rode his bicycle 13 miles one way from St. Ignatius to Moco Moco to help build the new church building. Christians at Moco Moco were furnishing materials to erect a building and preacher’s home but the labor the Christians supplied without pay. Get the picture. A man wanted to help build the church building and knew his help was needed. He rode his bicycle 13 miles one way and worked all day. At the end of the day he got back on his bicycle for the 13 mile trip home.

Previously I listened to Dr. James Dobson’s program and heard a man speaking that had a bad speech impediment. I had to listen carefully to understand what he was saying. He mentioned how he walks with a limp and was told as a child not to look for a wife that no one would marry him. He was told he would never be a success because of his physical limitations. He has cerebral palsy. He said his sister believed in him and wouldn’t let him give up. Praise God! He is married to a healthy lady and has four healthy children. He told the number of times he spoke this particular year and it was between 500-700 times. He said pretty soon he was going “full time.” The audience cracked up with laughter. He asked the question, “Now if I can do this for the Lord, what is your excuse?”

In other words, what is our excuse for not doing more for the Lord?

How dedicated are we? When we hear of examples like these, doesn’t it make us ask ourselves, “What is our excuse?” Tired? Too busy? Not enough time? Family? Don’t know enough? We are too blessed to be stressed. That came across my desk this past week and it is true, but isn’t it the other way with us…”We are too blessed and we are too stressed.” How foolish we must look to God and to those who ride a bicycle 13 miles one way to labor physically all day in the heat for no pay. How foolish we must look to a man who can hardly walk and talk who grew up hearing he would never amount to anything.

What is our excuse? We have none. Every day let us do one thing for the Lord. Make a visit, a call (to someone you don’t talk to regularly), send a card, say something positive to encourage another, say something about God, read your Bible. 

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

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