What is spirituality?

Since the word “spirituality” is not found in then Bible, I decided to look it up in the English dictionary. There I found that the word “spirituality” is a noun meaning “having the quality of being spiritual” (1st definition). The word “spiritual” is found in the Bible, so now we can easily tie “spirituality” to Biblical things.

Sometimes it is helpful to understand words in terms of what they are not. Spiritual is contrasted with carnal. 1 Cor 3:1-6. Those who are carnal have envy, strife, and divisions. Carnal people behave like men. The carnal mind is at enmity with God. Rom 8:7. Carnal people therefore are not Christ-like. Further, those who are spiritual are to restore those who are not — that is, those who are carnal. Gal 6:1.

So to me, one having “spirituality” means he/she does not have the qualities of the carnal but rather the spiritual. One who is spiritual has a spiritual tone or tendency in all said and done.

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