What is the secret of a good family life?

Today’s nudge is, what is the secret to having a good family life? From my experience, the old saying is true: “The family that prays together, stays together.”

Having God and His church as the central focal point of the family is the key to a good and happy family life. It first starts with the parents. If both parents are focused on God and share the same goal of getting themselves, their mate, and their family to heaven, then they are working as a team. The selfish ambitions that arise in many marital relationships simply do not happen in this environment.

From there, the parents need to be actively involved in the work of the church and involve the children at an early age. Working for the church should be second nature to breathing for the parents, and the children should be taught accordingly — to be workers and not lazy. Any task the child can help with should be given as early as he is able to do so. E.g., helping prepare food for others, sorting clothing to give to the poor, grading Bible correspondence courses, straightening books in the pews, helping prepare communion trays, etc. Anything. What this results in is the family becoming a team, a well oiled machine, so to speak, that works together for the Lord. Children are taught to think about others, rather than themselves and learn that true satisfaction and happiness comes from giving, rather than receiving.

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