What lectureships do I attend? None. I h…

What lectureships do I attend? None. I haven’t been to a lectureship since since the 1990’s, when the Northside congregation here in El Paso hosted yearly lectureships. Because of falling membership and a lack of funds, they no longer host lectureships.

However, I do have some great lectureship books in my personal library that I’ve collected in past years, produced by various hosting congregations around the country. In my view, lectureship books are a great and practical investment for every Christian.

By simply ordering, purchasing, and using lectureship books as an aid in Bible study, members can save travel and lodging expenses going to lectureships. By using these lectureship books, produced by faithful proclaimers of the Book, I’ve greatly increased my knowledge of God’s Word. Plus, they are a great addition to any member’s library.

One such lectureship book that I greatly value, is the book entitled, “Studies In Romans,” edited by Bro. Dub. McClish. This book was a result of the 15th annual Denton lectures, conducted November 10-14, 1996. It’s one of the best commentaries on Romans that I have ever seen.

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