What needs to be restored? Morality

Hey Laura was late with her comment so I’ll follow her example! ; ) I’ve been away as well, but really wanted to comment on this subject.

Read the New Testament and it’s obvious not all Christians made morality a priority. . .but most did. Another big difference between the early church and now is moral behavior was expected. Jesus in his teaching delivered a clarion call to a new level of moral integrity. He did not present it as optional! It was expected by the inspired writers, elders and fellow disciples. Those who chose not to conform were informed of the need to change in very clear language–not from a “holier than thou” prospective, but out of concern for their souls.

Immoral dress, language and conduct seem to have made their way into the church today. We must encourage a greater discipline among Christians not to conform to this present world.

I’m not just speaking of when we’re at church services, work, or school. I’m talking about wherever we present ourselves. That includes forwarded emails and Facebook! I’ve felt it necessary to block a couple of churchgoing people on Facebook because of the occasional foul language used in their statuses. Unbelievable! Brothers and sisters this ought not be!

Any practical suggestions on raising the bar?

#discipline, #morality