What saying of Jesus resonates most?

That’s the Daily Nudge for today pitched to the Fellows. Speaking of which, I let the ball drop and didn’t see a couple of comments by Don Ruhl (they fell into the spam filter, strangely enough), one of which was a reply to the question about what still needs to be restored. Since it’s down in the site, I’m linking to it HERE. Very worth your while, as everything Don writes.

Was up late last night as a couple of projects seem to move along well and began to fall in place, at least, from my bleary-eyed perspective. Now to see how they look in the morning, which brings a new light to things. And to see how others who may be involved in them will see them. That’s the biggie. I’m not a late-night person but sometimes things begin to click and I keep at it until the energy drains out or the idea reaches a conclusion. I like those times, preferably, during the day, but I’ll take them anytime they appear. How about you?

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