What the Iranians understand better than denominationalists

The title of the news article reads, “Troubled by Growth of Christianity, Iranian Regime Destroys Bibles.” Want to stop the growth of Christianity? Then get rid of the power behind the movement, the Bible. This is something that the Iranian mullahs seem to understand.

Would that people who claim to be Christians had such insight!

There is no limit to the liberal denials about the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture. Central doctrines, such as the incarnation, the miracles, and resurrection of Christ, are commonly and frequently denied. Liberals consider the Word of God as myths and stories stitched together that interpret, by no small stretch of the imagination, Jesus as the Son of God who died for the sins of the world.

One Episcopal bishop denies all these doctrines, a not atypical approach to sweeping away the Bible while pretending to hang on to some vestige of religion:

  • God as the creator distinct from the creation
  • Adam as a special creation and historical figure
  • The Devil as an actual entity
  • The historical fall of humanity from innocence into sin
  • Israel as ever having been God’s chosen people
  • The doctrine of the Trinity
  • Christ as preexisting in heaven before his human life
  • Christ as the incarnation of God, as the God-man
  • The virgin birth of Christ
  • Christ performed miracles
  • The bodily resurrection of Christ
  • The ascension of Christ
  • The Atonement — Christ’s death as delivering human beings from sin
  • Salvation through faith in Christ alone
  • Eternal punishment for the unbelieving or the wicked (cited by K. Boa)

With such a list, there’s nothing left to defend as distinctive about the Christian faith. The Christ-less bishop obviously doesn’t believe that the Bible is essential to Christianity.

Evangelicals today, however, are little better. While mouthing allegiance, they give the Bible less and less space as music and theater crowd out the sacred oracles. As well, their moral positions (not to mention doctrinal denials of biblical teaching) are little better than the liberals. Adultery, just to mention one, is rife among them.

Those outside of Christ know better than those who claim some allegiance to the Lord that the Bible is the heart and soul of the Way. Would to God that we know it, too.

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