What type of posts here?

One of the Fellows asked me if a certain type of post was allowed on TFR. I thought to myself that I needed to define further for them what types of posts are good to post and what types I don’t like to see.

But on the heels of that thought came another: I trust each of the Fellows implicitly and think they have good judgment on what will contribute to the site.

If I gave them guidelines, it might inhibit them from using their creativity and good judgment.

The only guidelines they’re going to get, then, are these:

  • Does it edify the readers?
  • Does it add something to the readers’ knowledge, motivation or sense of fellowship?
  • Does it provide a challenge, a perspective, a nugget of truth to be savored and cherished?
  • Does it point the readers to Christ and his sacrifice?
  • Does it explain, illustrate or illuminate something of the nature or character of God?

How about if the readers chime in about those posts they’ve found most helpful or encouraging or stimulating? Or the type of posts they’d like to see or see more of? What say you, dear reader?

#edification, #housekeeping, #input, #instruction, #motivation