Whatcha doin’ in May?

Come to the missionary retreat in Hamilton AL at the Maywood Christian Camp. It’s the fourth year for this event, open to anyone interested in God’s mission in the world of preaching the gospel. Also my fourth time to speak there, the organizers are gluttons for punishment, I guess.

Missionaries from all over the world are present, with a total number of years of experience just amazing. Their experience translates very well into U.S. ministry, so there are tons of spiritual edification and ministerial benefit to be gained. Some of the dinosaurs like Gordon Hogan, Ken Wilkey, Glover Shipp and Loy MItchell have been speakers, and some of them will be there again this year. (Don’t tell them I called them dinosaurs; that’s an affectionate tag.)

I’m doing the website for them, though I’m not a part of the organizing group. Just now getting it started …

Oh, and the cost is usually like $5 or $10 a night at the camp, or you can stay at a nearby motel. And food all throughout the day, homemade, desserts galore, and (don’t let this get out) often, free books and magazines.

I’d love to see you there.

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