Whatever Happened To Hell?

I have  been  reading  an  article by  a   friend who lives in  MO with this title. I  want to  share a  few excerpts from it.

“Not long ago I posted a two-part question on my  FaceBook page: ‘If hell is so terrible, why  don’t  preachers warn people about it? When was the last time you  went to church and  heard a  sermon on hell?’ Now I can  get  30 responses on something  as mundane as  ‘What  is  your favorite pop or  sandwich?’”

“Some preachers  don’t preach on hell anymore because  it is  not a ‘feel good’ topic.  Billy Graham said  ‘If we  had more hell in the pulpit, we would have  less hell in the  pews.’”

“I will not  dignify the  quotes  on hell by  comedians. As my  late  father once said, ‘Sin has its laughter, but  not hereafter.’ There  will be  no  laugh tracks in hell.”

Here are a  few  quotes  on  “hell” (note: this is not  meant to say that we  agree with all these    folks wrote or believed on  other subjects.”

  • C. S. Lewis said, “The  safest road to hell is the gradual one—the gentle slope, soft  underfoot, without  sudden  turnings, without milestones, without  signposts.”
  • A. W. Tozer observed, “The vague and  tenuous hope that God is to kind to punish the  ungodly has  become a deadly  opiate for the conscience of millions.”  A deadlt opiate! I  could not get that  image  out of my mind. Who is pushing that deadly  opiate on people?

“Jesus loves  mankind enough to warn them about  hell. …The living Christ offers a  cure for  sin, an escape from hell—a way to heaven ~ Himse

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