What’s on my heart? Well. . .

I’m afraid mine’s not terribly spiritual. I’ve shifted into full farmer mode. It’s planting time!

We planted 30 acres yesterday with few problems so tomorrow we hit the fields and plant like maniacs (safe maniacs, of course) until we’re done with the corn or the weather stops us.

The forecast is telling me we will stop for rain on Thursday. No problem there. It will give us time to regroup and reassess input needs to finish up.

My mind is filled with field sizes, hybrid numbers, refuge requirements, maintaining planter depth, spacing and on and on it goes. With the advent of GMOs, Genetically Modified Organisms, planting has become a lot more complicated.

For the next few days I will likely be operating in the background like those stealth computer programs. I’ll try to read as much as I can. A lot of good stuff was posted this weekend. I had lots of comments I wanted to make, but time restrictions didn’t allow.

Hope to touch base again on Thursday!