When the sign gets it right

I’m not talking about the mystical or mysterious type of signs, I’m talking about roadside signs. There are times when a roadside sign can get it right. It can say something good without a religious foundation and it’s received somewhat agreeably by the secular world, but give the scriptures as a source and it becomes rejected and considered nothing more than Bible-thumping and an overstepping of boundaries … sometimes by both the secular and religious world!

For example, a large sign outside of my secular place of work says:

CHOOSE to live

Alcohol, Drug & Nicotine FREE


This sign is not endorsed by any religious establishment but rather it is endorsed by local and state government agencies because they realize the use of the aforementioned items are just plain unhealthy and the average person will eventually suffer appreciable harm from their use, and I agree 100%!

But what I’m left wondering about is why the religious world, at times, fails to see the plain spiritual truth that the secular world so clearly understands about the physical life we live.

Often times what is physically unhealthy is spiritually unhealthy and vice-versa, if not for any other reason than the control it exerts upon the individual. No matter the topic, or whether or not the sign gets it right, we should choose to live via the decisions we make because we are worth it (Deuteronomy 30:19).