When to Quit?

When is it time to quit, that is when is it time to quit preaching for the local congregation of which you (I) currently are (am) a member? Boy! If I only knew an objective answer to that! I am constantly evaluating how things are where I preach; many things are included in the evaluation process. Some of those items that I include are: 1) Does the congregation want me to continue? 2) How well does my family enjoy living and working here? 3) Am I being effective in the work (as I judge it)? 4) Does (should) my extended family play a role in me having to consider further options? 5) Are there problems within the local congregation that continue, and I am having no success at getting them resolved? 6) Do the brethren need “new-blood”? That is, do they need a new preacher to help stimulate new enthusiasm. Related to this is whether or not the congregation is too comfortable with how things currently are? If they are, is this a bad thing?

These questions I am continually filtering through my mind. Since I am the final judge of all of them (for this local decision), I only wish that some of them were much more easily determined than they are.

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