When you should stop praying

Two items here. One, Steve Higginbotham’s excellent devotional today:

MercEmail A Weekly Devotional by Steve Higginbotham
Stop Praying!
October 29, 2010

Stop praying? Now, that’s not what you typically hear, but that’s exactly
what God once told Moses. Not that God was frowning on prayer, but the time
for praying without action had passed. It was time to act. God told Moses
to tell the children of Israel to “move forward!” (Exodus 14:15).

Friends, could it be time for you to stop praying and “move forward?”
Understand this one thing; many of the prayers we have prayed to God have
already been answered. He has said “yes.” Yet, we remain in a quandary,
not because God hasn’t answered, but because we haven’t “moved forward.” My
point is, “Don’t just sit there and continue to simply pray when you can
“move forward” and receive God’s answer to the prayers you’ve been praying.

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Two, this is exactly what I’ve said we ought to understand in Ananias’s words to Saul in Damascus, where the preacher found the persecutor praying and fasting:

And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized, and have your sins washed away, calling on his name. (Acts 22:16 NET, emphasis mine)

What should Saul get up from doing? From praying and fasting. It was time to stop praying and time to obey the Lord by being baptized to get rid of his sins.

Can you imagine some other moments when it would be appropriate to say, “Stop praying”?


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