Where Did I Get My Given Name

In response to yesterdays Daily Nudge, which I did not find time to be on the puter much, I was given the name James from my Uncle James. He was name as my godfather. He did his part in that capacity, although I learned some things my Mother did not like at all. I go by Jim as James is sophisticated and Jimmy is more or less youngish. At least that is the way I felt about it. My sister still calls me Jimmy or James. As you will see, I use the monochure of jimnewy in the internet world. It is a combination od the two nicknames Jim and one my MIL used to call me, Newy. A long time ago I used my given and last name, Jim Newsted as a Word Press user name for access to the preacherfiles forum, and I tried use it and add the fellowship room to it, but it didn’t want to let me, some I just created another account using jimnewy.