Where Do We Stand on Grace?

Forthright has published an article about grace two days in a row. Randal Matheny had one on March 26 entitled, The Great Explanation. He wrote:

In recent times, out of necessity, Christians have had to emphasize the steps to salvation, and great good has been done through studies about faith, repentance, baptism, and obedience. This emphasis has been due to the false teachings about how we ought to respond to the grace of God.

My article on March 27 was called, Holy by Grace. I discuss the role grace has in salvation and holiness. I speak and write frequently about grace and feel it is absolutely essential to an understanding of salvation.

For years, few in the brotherhood spoke about grace, except in error. Because of that error, most sound brethren were spooked about the subject or were afraid of being labeled. Whatever the reason, grace was largely missing from our pulpits and no doubt brethren suffered in the pews.

The word seemingly became a code word for liberalism. However, no one needs to be afraid of what God’s Word says about grace. We can be sound and still refute false teaching on the subject.

I remember hearing as a young man that false teachers were saying that we had no part in our salvation and that if we contribute anything, then it is a denial of grace. They still teach this in the church, sadly.

While they were right to one extent, they missed the fuller picture. They needed the rest of the story because obedience cannot be denied even in a system of grace (Ephesians 2:10; John 14:15; Revelation 20:11-15).

Thankfully, more are teaching and preaching about grace in the Lord’s Church. That is wonderful.

My question is, where do you think the brotherhood stands on the subject? Are we, in a collective sense, still somewhat afraid of the subject?

Are we ever hesitant to use the word grace for fear of being labeled? I hope we are past that now. People do teach error on grace but we should not lump the truth on grace in with their false teachings. Satan wants truth silenced so his voice is the only one heard. Let us never be a contributor to helping Satan!

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