Whew! I’ve been running DW and DD aroun…

Whew! I’ve been running DW and DD around town this morning. They go after lunch to a women’s retreat, returning Saturday night, so I get left by my lonesome on Thanksgiving. But I’ll take them out for lunch before the drive off into the west. No cranberry sauce here today.

A couple more Fellows are now set; we hope to see several more in the next day or so. Only the true believer-addicts are still connected to the Internet, the rest are out having fun with family and slaving in the kitchen. (One or two may have Internet hookup in the fridge or microwave.) A holiday may not be the best time to launch because of that, but it may also be the best time to launch since people are off work. Whatcha think?

Anyway, I’ll be around the office this afternoon to watch the FR developments, since there’ll be only two dogs and miscellaneous fish at home. *sniff, sniff*

The Daily Nudge, a plug or line the administrator sets that only the Fellows can see, says today, “Tell us what you’re thankful for.” Maybe our visitors and friends might like to chime in on that one in the comments.

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