Which gospel account?

Weylan, I have four lovely and wonderful daughters, of whom I am immensely proud. To choose between the accounts is like having to choose between my daughters.

Matthew is like a wonderful bouquet of roses, grouped in fives, showing the marvelous fulfillment of God’s plan from the beginning.

Mark is the gospel of action. Though brief, he often gives the fullest information about an event. Mark is pointed and speaks to the heart.

Luke is inclusive and reminds us that every person is loved by God. He speaks so well to the forgotten.

John is the spiritual gospel, simple yet profound, filled with controversy but pointed as to the Son’s place in our salvation.

All four are God’s word. I love every bit of them. They are a great source of nourishment to the soul, giving hope, instruction, and assurance. I not only love them. I need them. Apparently God wanted each of them for their own service to us all.


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