Who is your favorite non-divine Bible character?

My favorite non-divine Bible character is David! I do not want to bore you with the many reasons why he is my choice, but let me shorten it to this. Several years ago I read the book, “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci.” In it, the author, with whom I have been in contact, stated that the greatness of Leonardo da Vinci was the fact that he was a genius in seven areas of life. Then I thought of David and I believe he was also a genius in seven areas of life, although different from Leonardo. I passed on the list to Michael Gelb, the author of the book, and he liked what I presented. However, I do not have that list with me now, and shortly I am leaving for Portland, Oregon for a Creation Conference and will not be able to get to my list until next week. Hopefully, I can remember to look for it and submit to “The Fellowship Room.”

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