Who kept secrets in the Bible?

Let’s think about secrets. Gabriel went to Joseph when he was engaged to be married to Mary and told him a secret. Joseph was planning to put Mary away privately so as to not embarrass her due to her being pregnant outside of marriage. The angel Gabriel told Joseph to go ahead and take Mary as his wife as she was pregnant by the Holy Ghost. I am sure Joseph was thrilled to learn Gabriel’s news and he kept the secret.

Gabriel also appeared to Mary and told her she was highly favored, the Lord is with thee to bring the Savior into the world. The Bible says Mary kept these things to herself. She heard the secret and she kept it hidden close.

I just imagine that Joseph and Mary kept the news or secret, that they were raising the Christ child to themselves. I don’t think that is something they were broadcasting and bragging about to their friends. We know that Elizabeth knew because her baby John moved inside her when Mary spoke while visiting her while both were expecting.

When Jesus was 12 years old Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem at the Passover feast. When they returned home Jesus remained behind. When they went back looking for him he was talking with the doctors in the temple. They questioned him as to why he had done that to them. He asked why they looked for him and asked if they didn’t know he must be about His Father’s business. The Bible says Mary kept all these sayings in her heart (Luke 2:42-52).

In Luke 1:13 the angel Gabriel appeared to Zacharias and told him his prayer had been heard; and that his wife Elisabeth would bear him a son, and he was to call his name John. The angel told him many shall rejoice at his birth. For he shall be great in the sight of the Lord… Zacharias was struck dumb, and not able to speak, until the day of John’s birth (Luke 1:13-22). He kept a secret.

Remember the leper Jesus healed and told him to see that he told no man (Matthew 8:1- 4)? The two blind men whom Jesus healed were charged that “no man know it,” and they spread His fame in all that country (Matthew 9:27-31). Joy filled their hearts and they couldn’t keep their secrets.

How are we with keeping secrets? It’s fun to think about it, isn’t it?

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