Why should I be a Baptist?

By Roy Davison — “Why should I be a Baptist?” An article by this title has been added to the Old Paths Archive.

After my mother, Bessie Inez Davison (nee Kincaid) passed away, my brother, Dale Davison, sent me a little gospel tract he found among her belongings that had been written by my grandfather, Charles J. Kincaid, entitled “Why should I be a Baptist?”

My grandparents, Charles and Pearl Kincaid, lived in Saint Louis, Missouri.

My grandfather supported his family of five children as a laborer. Although he had only a primary school education, mother said he had educated himself with a dictionary and his Bible. He did some preaching.

I do not remember my grandfather. He died in 1943 when I was three years old. But through the influence of my grandparents, my mother and later my father became Christians, which of course had a great impact on my life as well.

When I was 23 I visited the Central Church of Christ in Saint Louis where my grandparents had attended. I spoke with an elderly brother who remembered my grandparents. He said they had beautiful voices and sang duets at area-wide singings.

It gives me great pleasure to publish this little tract written by my grandfather!


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