Why didn’t they bring him to Jesus?

From time-to-time you find people in the gospels bringing others to Jesus (Matthew 9:1-2; Mark 2:2-5; John 12:20-22), but in Mark 10:46-48 you will find quite the opposite!

The religious crowd following Jesus to Jerusalem actually wanted the blind and beggarly Bartimaeus to stop calling out for Jesus. They actually commanded him to hush!

Why didn’t they bring Bartimaeus to Jesus?

Perhaps, and I’m only saying perhaps because I do not know, it was because they were not following Jesus for the right reasons themselves. It’s not like that was something new during Jesus’ ministry (John 6:26, 66). And it’s not like that multitude was going to follow through on their chants of “Hosanna!” (Matthew 27:21-23).

Do you hear a lesson in that church?

Are we failing to bring people to Jesus because we’re not following him for the right reason to begin with?

Just a thought … or is it?

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