Why golf is my game

There must have been a dozen people or more tell me they believe golf to be a complete waste of time and a ridiculously futile game. I never listen.

Two of my brethren and I have been playing the courses in Genesee County, Michigan and enjoy the challenges and the fellowship of the game. It is golf less the anger and profanity which marks the game for some people. Most people believe golf is too expensive, but a round of 18 holes at the courses we play is only $20.

One can learn self-control from golf. Since I’m a lousy hacker, I learn to “shake off” errant shots and try again, a very useful skill to learn in life. I frequently miss the target of the putting green and have to try to hit it again.  Since we all sin (miss the mark) it’s important to have this capacity for wanting to keep trying.

Golf teaches Biblical patience. In the Bible, there are two words for patience, hupomone and makrothumia. Hupomone is defined as the ability to bear up underneath the loads of life. When one has a game as bad as mine, one learns to have fun even though one’s body is just about to drop. Makrothumia is defined as “longsuffering,” or the ability to be patient with others. There is etiquette on the golf course. One must wait for others to play. One must allow faster players to play through to the next hole.

All of these qualities, and more, exist in golf. Some say football teaches life skills. I’ve never understood how physical violence teaches anything, but I know this little game of golf does.

Feel free to play through.

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