Why I love my wife &c.

Rob Lester did a series on Facebook about the reasons why he loved his wife, many of them humorous. Here’s one of mine. I go into the kitchen after my Saturday afternoon nap for a drink of water (The Missus had forwarded an email to me the day before about the need to drink water to keep the kidneys in good shape), and she prepares me a homemade cappuccino and two, not one, but two brownies. Ah, life is hard.

• Been busy with some poetry in the past few days. Today, a love poem for The Missus (she said she assumed I’d written it for her): “To Speak of Love.” Yesterday, last night actually, before I hit the sack, a piece here on TFR: “So Let’s Dance in the Aisles.” And also yesterday, an almost melancholy piece, “In Wings and Walls.”

• The first two were written on the fly, popped ’em out and posted. The latter I wrote a few days earlier, tweaked it a bit, then posted. Maybe I should give the poems a rest next week, reckon? But then they appear at their own behest, not mine.

• My dad spent the night in the hospital Wednesday. He passed out in church. Apparently, a combination of sinus infection and dehydration. Drove himself home the next day (Mom had gone for a checkup on her pacemaker), I talked to him last night, seems to be OK. But I’d appreciate a prayer for him. He’s only 81.

• Do you like the sound of your voice? I don’t. Maybe I should take voice lessons? Some supporters are interested in me doing some audio/radio. I’m interested too, but for that dislike.

• I read somewhere once that Reagan used to drink hot water before he spoke. Relaxed his throat. Have you ever tried that?

• And last, a link I shared on Twitter, for a big Saturday-night helping of ignorance. “Christians must stand up for gay marriage.” Lots of “I believe,” with no evidence to back it up. Such is our world. And such is our task, to shine light upon the darkness. Go shine! Isa 60.1!

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