I am pretty wired. But I have a pretty good excuse. I started out as a computer programmer when computers first made their desk-top appearance.

My IPhone has over 100 apps, I have a desk-top computer, notebook, and laptop, and an old Mac computer (can’t remember what it is called).

I use XMarks to keep all my bookmarks synced, Dropbox to keep all my files accessible, Skype to keep me connected to people when it is too expensive to call internationally, ZoneAlarm to keep my computers safe, Webshots to keep me from getting bored with my desktop picts, and MySpeed to slow down the speaking speed when I am listening to foreign language stuff.

I have my own website, which I very seldom update, and have accounts with Twitter and Facebook, which I very seldom visit.

I have friends I have never seen, or even heard their voices. But I have heard their thoughts through their keyboards, and I love them. For that I am very thankful that I am wired!