There’s a word for that. The Bible calls it hope.

vorfreudeThe Bible calls it hope. The future pleasure anticipated by the Christian is the eternal meeting with his God and his Lord.

The expectation of that meeting infuses the soul with intense joy. To be taken into the presence of him who gave his life for our salvation is the ambition which drives every thought and action.

This future prospect is no mere mental creation, no human imagination, but the solid promise of the God who fulfills every word of his.

Hope is written large in all the Bible. Its laser focus centers in the return of Christ. Death occurring before his return is the door to fulfillment. Maranatha daily passes the lips of saints.

Hope moves toward that moment, batting away the obstacles, barely glancing at temptations to sideshows, purifying self more and more as its Goal is pure.

There’s a word for that. Short, compact, simple, but containing strong desire, wrapping the whole of faith in a powerful star that in the fullness of time will explode into the glorious, eternal presence of God.

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