A world hostile to God

“However, men obstinately refuse to change their lives, even before the most eloquent warnings (20-21). This is the world in which we live: a world hostile to God even in its core, a world that prefers to make for itself its own ‘idols’ and establish its own models of behavior.”

O mundo da Bíblia, David e Pat Alexander, eds., p. 652, commentary on Revelation 9.20-21. (My translation back into English.)

This is the world to which we have been sent to proclaim the gospel of Christ. Until we see the hostility of this world, which in no sense at all is a friend of God, we will not see the need to rescue people from it. The nature of the world should not cause us to give up; on the contrary, we ought to be even more motivated, for people around us are perishing, all of them. We must act. We must speak.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16.15.

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