This world is perfect

Like Job, we lament constantly that this world is full of evil, and it is. We wonder if evil is not increasing, and it may well be. We ourselves feel the effects of sin and injustice, perhaps more than others.

It seems then a paradox to affirm that this world, as we encounter it, is perfect.

It is perfect for the use that God is putting it to. The light of the gospel makes a stark contrast with the kingdom of darkness. Here is the proving ground of God’s holy people. The present makes saints groan for eternity.

If things were any better here than we find them to be, we might not yearn for heaven. We might relax rather than resist the devil. We might not see the marvelous Way, to choose to walk in it.

God knew that man might choose evil. He also knew that he could take the consequences of that choice and use them for good, Rm 8.28. He works in this world, sent his Son into this world, and sends his people into it to proclaim salvation.

If God knows how to make this world of sin and sorrow a place of redemption, so can we, by the love of Christ that knows no limits, Jo 13.1, and by the Spirit who empowers to do infinitely more than we could ever imagine or ask, Ep 3.20-21.

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