An interesting remark in the Baker Bible Dictionary are these words: “The nature of worship is not about servant entertainment or passive observation; it is an active acknowledgment of God’s worth in a variety of humble ways” (p. 1731). Read what Paul said in Acts 17:24-25 in relationship to these words. Jesus said, in John 4:24, “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth” (ESV). The College Press commentary said with regard to “spirit” and “truth”: “What does Jesus mean by worshipping ‘in spirit and truth’? What has He just been explaining to the woman? It is that (a) the time will soon come when place makes no difference and (b) the Samaritans are wrong because they worship in opposition to revealed truth. Thus, to worship in spirit and truth is (a) to make it a matter of the heart, the will, the spirit and the emotion and not merely a matter of physical atmosphere, and, (b) to worship in accordance with the revealed will of God in the New Testament” (Commentary on John 4:23-24; E-Sword).

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