Worth continuing?

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

So, since Christ suffered in the flesh, you also arm yourselves with the same attitude, because the one who has suffered in the flesh has finished with sin, in that he spends the rest of his time on earth concerned about the will of God and not human desires. 1 Peter 4.1-2

Do you live in the past? Do you look back and wish that things could go back the way they were? As Christians we are to be like Jesus since it is his name that we bear. Christ suffered a horrible death that brought unimaginable pain. The pain was not only physical but emotional and spiritual as well. For a moment in time, he was separated from the Father, not because of sins that he had committed, but because of our sins.

Peter was writing to Christians who were suffering and questioning whether it was worth continuing. He gives Christ as the example to follow. We need to arm ourselves for battle to continue faithfully with the same attitude that Christ had.

What attitude did Christ have? He did not go about sinning, but he had one objective and that was to complete the will of the Father, Matthew 26.39. He was obedient to God. Hebrews 5.8 tells us that he learned that obedience through suffering.

Jesus spent his time on earth teaching others about God. He focused on a central thing and that was the will of God. He did not allow himself to be dominated by human desires although he was entirely human. God was his priority.

What about our time here on the earth? Do we spend it lamenting on the way things were and the sinful activities we participated in? Are we still living a life that is dictated by our sinful desires? Or have we adopted the attitude of Christ? Is God our priority?

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