“Wrap-up” at the Illinois State Fair

The Illinois state fair is coming to a close today. I returned from Springfield yesterday and I was sure to glad to be home! I parked my truck at the camp retreat site on Monday morning and did not start it until Saturday when I left (at 2:00). I went into the week not really sure what to think or expect (though I have plenty of time experience to have a good sense of what to expect), and at the end of the week I came away thinking much good was done. It was done not only with respect to the work on the fairgrounds, but much good was done with those on the “frontlines” and well as those who were in “support.”

From my perspective, it is very important to include those in the support position for praiseworthy remarks – they did a very important Job. In fact, if they did not do what they did, I think we would not (and could not have been) as effective as it turned out we were. Today we close up the fair work and breakdown the equipment, putting it away. All the material supplies is packed up and prepared (put up) for next year. Most of the supplies come to Sullivan, but some to other places.

Stephen Bradd was abler to work a couple of days with us this year and, as always, he did an exceptional Job (he desired to work more, but his schedule would not allow it). Richard Hill was there almost the entirety of the work. He, his wife (Sharon) and their son (Eric) were instrumental in many ways to see that all things went smoothly. From a biased point of view, his family is indispensible. Couple along with one indispensible family is another – the Miller family. All the way at the top is the matriarch (Ruth, age 90) to putting ice in the cups for the workers to eat (she is in a wheel chair) to our coordinator (JE), the youngest son (53). Without him much that goes right would not.

I did not have a good sense of how things would go (though I have enough experience I should have a good sense of it), but as it turned out (it always does), it was a good week. In so far as I know, we had over one hundred Bible correspondence enrollments (John Hurt series and a course on Christian evidences from Apologetics Press); perhaps Richard will be able to say more.

The fair work is finished and I can now settle back in to my routine – something I like very much!

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