Write the verse again and again and again

Writing enhances memory. The act of writing seems to fix the information more firmly in the mind, say both the scientists and personal experience. So perhaps as a part of the process of storing up the word of God in our hearts — heart here representing the whole person including the mind — we might want to consider writing scriptures more often.

Write them anywhere. Everywhere. Take one verse a day and see in how many places you can write it. Or type it. (Though probably the physical act of writing has the advantage. Any studies on that?)

Write it on your to-do list. On a 3×5 card. (Yup, they still sell those.) In a journal book. On your social media page. On the back of your business card.

One writer claimed the act of writing tilts one in the direction of doing. Isn’t that a great motive as well? To remember, and to practice.

The quality of your handwriting matters not. The price of the writing instrument has no bearing. How many people see it makes no difference, though the more the better, obviously, for their sake.

Write again and again and again. Remember. Then go out and do it.

Are you a scripture writer? Share your experience in the comments area below.

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