You, the Reader on TFR

Aside from your assiduous following of the Fellows’ postings, don’t forget your other options here in The Fellowship Room.

1. Email Subscription. Over to your right (near top of right column) is a button for you to sign up to get through email all the new postings on TFR. It’s a good deal by immediately emailing you all the details of author, title, tags, as well as full text of the posts. The WP system offers this service, and it’s secure as far as we can tell. Many of our Fellows use it as well. It doesn’t send you the replies to posts, so you’ll still need to check in occasionally. And to make your own comments as well, which leads to #2.

2. Reply. Most writers thirst for feedback like a camel after a cross-Sahara trek. Every comment of yours fires up a writer and spurs the rest of the them to write so you’ll be motivated to comment on their posts as well. (Our Fellows are cool, they’re not that bad, actually.) Be a part of the Great Conversation and enrich it with your perspectives.

3. Word-of-mouth. Or, in Internet lingo, go viral. Tell your friends about TFR. The more people who read, the more reached and encouraged and enlightened, the more this friendly and chummy site justifies itself. TFR doesn’t advertise, has no budget, but has, we think you’ll agree, some of the most positive, spiritual and quality material you’ll find anywhere.

4. Archives. Sounds stuffy, but old posts have yet to collect a speck of dust. With 10 or more posts daily, “old” comes quickly. To find subjects that pique your interest, you can (1) put a key word in the search box at top right, (2) breeze through the alphabetical listing of the tags (subject keys) assigned to each post (larger tags mean more posts on that subject), or (3) file down through the list of tags further down in the right column. You can always google as well.

5. Good Works. Down further in the right column is our beginning list, provided by the Fellows, of good works in the brotherhood worthy of support and prayers. Choose one or more and lend a hand, why not? The world has United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army and a host of other efforts to help one’s neighbor. In the brotherhood there is you. This list contains good works near to our hearts.

We’re studying some other features that may interest you, but already there’s plenty to do and see in this pleasant spot of electronic fellowship. Stick around, another good thought is speeding your direction.