You will reap what you sow

My friend and I were talking on the telephone recently. She asked, “Are you sitting down?” I told her that I was, that I was swinging. She said her husband got an unusual call the other day from a young man looking for his biological father.

I was speechless as she continued telling me of a lady that her husband dated as a teenager, who called her husband a few days earlier. She told him he would be getting a call from a young man looking for his biological father. My friend said her husband asked, “Are you kidding me?” 42 years he has had a son and never was told about it until right before he called him recently.

The young girl was from a children’s home and when they found out she was expecting a baby, those in charge sent her to a home for unwed mothers where she put the baby up for adoption. It was a well-kept secret!

Immediately upon talking with the caller, my friend’s husband made plans to travel to Florida to meet his son, and his family, which includes four children and two grandchildren. My friend thought he had never fathered children. Being a preacher for a denominational church, he worried about what the members would think about him.

The next Sunday he preached on reaping what you sow as he told his story. Beware your sins will find you out, he said.

One of the things I have noticed in my daily Bible reading is the number of times that fornication is mentioned in the New Testament. In so many places it is listed as a sin right beside murder. Somehow I always thought murder was the worst sin of all, but a sin is a sin and often times it will come back to haunt us.

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