“Young lady on end needs to pull her skirt down.”

We were in the kitchen eating and watching a round-table discussion on Fox News recently. The young woman closest to the camera had her legs crossed, high heel shoes, tight skirt and was swinging her leg to the beat of the heated conversation. The more they talked, the higher her skirt rose. I told my husband I had taken as much of that as I could, that I was going to the computer and send them an email, telling them the young woman on the end needed to pull her skirt down. The network went to a commercial, and I went to the computer. I didn’t know the woman. It was our first time to watch the program, but I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying for watching to see just how high she was going to let her skirt rise. I tried to be kind in the comments I wrote, not knowing what to expect.

When I got back in the kitchen the show had returned from the commercial. I was happy to see the young woman had pulled her skirt down. We were able to enjoy the program then.

It boggles my mind how some women expose their bodies. The men are wearing longer swimsuits while women are wearing bikinis and thongs. You only have to watch a TV news show to see that the woman with the highest skirt gets the spot closest to the camera, or where the most of her body can be seen. The men are sitting in full suits with ties. Is this a requirement of a female leader in the news media?  I often wonder if the person behind the camera is not a male and enjoying the exposure of the female who doesn’t realize she is being used.

We can change things if we stand up and let our thoughts be known.