Your church and mine

Your Church and Mine

As I read the Sunday paper

I ran across this line;

“Today you go to your church

And I will go to mine”.

Sincerely, friend, which is yours?

Is it one of your very own?

Frankly, now, I have no church,

And know of only one.

I’ve read the Bible o’er and o’er

But never found that line,

“Today you go to your church

And I will go to mine”.

“Upon this rock, I’ll build my church’,

The Savior said one day.

And before the dear Lord died

He humbly knelt to pray;

“May they be one as we are one,

All who believe on Me,

So that the world may surely know,

I’m loved and sent by thee.”

He bought the church with His own blood,

This firstborn from the dead.

He is the Savior of the church.

He is its only Head.

Yes, you may go to your church,

but may I tell you this?

The church that Jesus built exists today,

The name it wears is His.

“The churches of Christ salute you.” – Romans 16:16

                                                      – Author Unknown